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Dragonfly County: GeoVenturing-LNTours

The Kansas City Star recently featured an article about the changing landscape of air travel.
The Business Librarians at the Johnson County Library have selected online and print materials to help you understand the ins and outs of travel - whether you are a road warrior or on a special vacation.

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Futures techniques

Thinklets are the repeatable peopleware protocols devised to help facilitate ...

Thinklets support anonymous voting to negotiate workable compromises ...


Facilitated Thinking Thinklets Toolkit

Thinklets are cognition tools that enhance natural human thinking abilities.


GroupSupport.com > Services > Training > Advanced ThinkLets Training

GroupSupport.com is a software company that supports its customers with collaborative software applications and services.


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Memetics - Mapping MentorshipART Memes


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JMIS: Journal of Management Information Systems

Vol. 19 No. 4, Spring 2003 pp. 31 - 64


Collaboration Engineering with ThinkLets to Pursue Sustained Success with Group Support Systems

Briggs, Robert O. , Vreede, Gert- Jan De and Nunamaker, Jay


ABSTRACT: Field research and laboratory experiments suggest that, under certain circumstances, people using group support systems (GSS) can be significantly more productive than people who do not use them. Yet, despite their demonstrated potential, GSS have been slow to diffuse across organizations.


Drawing on the Technology Transition Model, the paper argues that the high conceptual load of GSS (i.e., understanding of the intended effect of GSS functionality) encourages organizations to employ expert facilitators to wield the technology on behalf of others. Economic and political factors mitigate against facilitators remaining long term in GSS facilities that focus on supporting nonroutine, ad hoc projects. This especially hampers scaling GSS technology to support distributed collaboration.


An alternative and sustainable way for organizations to derive value from GSS lies in an approach called “collaboration engineering”: the development of repeatable collaborative processes that are conducted by practitioners themselves. To enable the development of such processes, this paper proposes the thinkLet concept, a codified packet of facilitation skill that can be applied by practitioners to achieve predictable, repeatable patterns of collaboration, such as divergence or convergence.


A thinkLet specifies the facilitator’s choices and actions in terms of the GSS tool used, the configuration of this tool, and scripted prompts to accomplish a pattern of collaboration in a group. Using thinkLets as building blocks, facilitators can develop and transfer repeatable collaborative processes to practitioners.


Given the limited availability of expert facilitators,

collaboration engineering with thinkLets may become a sine qua non

for organizations to effectively support virtual work teams.


Key words and phrases: collaboration engineering, collaboration technology, group support systems, technology acceptance model, technology adoption, technology transfer, Technology Transition Model, thinkLets

The JMIS site is designed, constructed and maintained using RMM technology

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Dr. Robert O. Briggs coined the keyword ... thinkLets


While with GroupSystems, Inc. he presented an award-winning paper submitted to the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) during January, 2001. Thinklets are the repeatable peopleware protocols that help facilitate virtual team tactics with "EayWinWin" Groupware.


Thinklets support anonymous voting to negotiate workable compromises (ALL-WinWin) among collaborating organizations with diverse priorities. Unisys human factors experiments with interdisciplinary virtual team tactics protocols demonstrated anonymous voting was a critical success factor. A thinkLet's social capital value proposition may be assessed by its distributed application as either an Actionable Distilled Insight or Reusable Learning Object.


Keyword consistency remains pivotal for piloting new applications for Knowledge Management/Social Engineering.


Having clear and unified terms to define and resolve shared global concerns

is vital to sustaining Pacific Asian Management Institute (PAMI) programs.

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ALL-WinWin Corporate Social Responsibility

Midwest Mindshifters: After interacting with NE-Kansas Turfdoms

plus appointed and elected decision-makers since mid-2003, ...



I'm still seeking quick-hit case studies that showcase applied business ethics

-or- ALL-WinWin leadership by example


By Bill Ferguson - Knight Ridder Newspapers Monday, June 19, 2006



LJWorld.com The Lawrence Journal-World
  • Even George Will doesn't give him much of a chance to survive. ...

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Wednesday, November 05, 2003



The thing is that the Bush Administration can no longer be trusted. This may seem obvious, but it isn't. People do not believe that Bush is a liar, yet. They can't believe a president would sell out his country for some elusive goal.


We have been asked to trust Bush and his staff for a long time. Trust them for many reasons, about everything and anything. Now, we are falling into a cycle of mistrust from which there is no escape. The White House either doesn't know or is lying about the level of disorder in Iraq.

Either way, many more Americans will die.


No man trusts a politician about everything.

But some things, like the security of the US, has usually been something presidents didn't lie about. Now, with an Iraqi resistance making us into liars on a daily basis, the President's word is suspect. That, as Paul Krugman said in his last column, is a state which cannot last forever. At some point soon, reality will come crashing into the fantasy which is Iraq policy.


They're mortaring the CPA headquarters every night. There is no chance of finding the mortars in a city. The sound bounces around and five explosions are not enough to get a fix, forget counter-mortar radar. They will kill people every day until we leave. They're getting the range and the ability to move fast in the city streets.


One day, it won't be three rounds from one place, but 30 rounds from five places and Bremer will be in the open. These people are not stupid and they're planning something bigger than we think. Why not? We have no clue as to who they are. So they could meet with Bremer in the morning and plot his death after lunch.


At that point, all trust in Bush will be lost.


Because all his cheap talk and silly threats will be exposed for what they are.


Bush's reelection will not be determined by the economy or anything else if Iraq collapses into a brutal civil war.

And that is what we are staring at.

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Port of Catooosa :: Tulsa :: Vision2025 Archives


2003/09/08: Corporate subsidies a \"doomed strategy\"

Kevin Adams (whose article The Tulsa Time Blues you should read or re-read before you go to the polls) calls our attention to a couple of articles that question the economic development "strategy" which is guiding tomorrow's billion-dollar sales tax vote.


Here are the lead paragraphs from a story in today's New York Times (free registration required):


City Is Told to Abandon Its 'Doomed' Tactics of Encouraging Growth



  • The report states, "This vision should begin with the premise that blindly following the post-1950's strategy of ever-intensifying real estate speculation, over-concentration on selected sectors and `Capital of the World' rhetoric will erode the city's overall competitiveness even further, strain the city's financial resources and widen the gap between rich and poor."


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    Did you know that Oklahoma actually has a seaport that is reachable from anywhere in the world? It is true! The port of Catoosa is just outside Tulsa, Oklahoma on the Arkansas River and is one of the largest, most inland river-ports in the United States!

    Located at the head of navigation for the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System in Northeast Oklahoma, the Tulsa Port of Catoosa offers year-round, ice-free barge service with river flow levels controlled by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. It has worldwide access capabilities, so products can travel easily and efficiently from America's heartland to the rest of the globe. Special thanks to "tulsaport.com" for the use of their materials.

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