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The (Jayhawk) myth became an urban legend during the territorial troubles and was at first applied to both sides.

Jennison's regiment of Free-state men, as well as Quantrill's raiders, were at one time called Jayhawkers.

This (NLPsyOps) meme finally stuck to the anti-slavery side and eventually to all the people of Kansas.


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KUAA Jayhawker Magazine Yearbook:


It maps key (12 year) peer mentoring connections that inspired

KU-Lawrence Campus community stewardship during 1960-1970!


4530604 Dalby Ron BM 1960-72

4765101 Askins Grover BM 1962-74

8101600 Burkhart Bob BM 1965-77

McCrerey Linda ED 1969-81

Louv Richard ED 1970-82


Please preview the 2007 Digital Jaywalker discussion draft outline at River Recreation Area

 Spending time surfing the extranet | The San Diego Union-Tribune

  • But this particular price of progress is seldom mentioned:
    • a diminished life of the senses. We accept the view that we're awash in data. But are we? ...

This adhocracy re-emerged during June 2004

We anchored our "Clear Creek Watershed Outrigger Canoe Club" in Western Shawnee, Kansas.

NW-JoCo is where James Butler (Wild Bill) Hickock became the first Kanza Territory "Watershed Marshal"

Seeking a sense of place in space?

Adhocracy is an (ALL-WinWin) organization


This term was first popularized in 1970 by Alvin Toffler1,

and has since become often used in the theory of management of organizations

(particularly online organizations), further developed by academics

such as Henry Mintzberg. @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adhocracy


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Recent Spencer Research Library efforts

generated a (missing) master index of KU undergraduates who were directly involved in crafting "MentorshipART Memes (1.8MB)" published as the Jayhawker Magazine Yearbook (1949-1972) under the savvy guidance of Kansas University Relations "Coach" Tom Yoe! He's well-qualified as a "Hidden Hometown Hero" since his sustained hands-on tutoring efforts incubated "Future Thought Leadership" models for inter-regional advanced distributed learning human networks ...


Phi Theta Kappa - International Honor Society

@ http://www.ptk.org/history/pres.htm


Chapter 1: Bruce A. Linton (1955-1984)

  • However, it took some activity from "up the Kaw" to get KU started in radio

George Smith, D. Swarthout, Esther Twente, Donald Wilson and Tom Yoe ...

@ http://www.journalism.ku.edu/school/Hproject/document/chapter1.htm


  • 18 Kinnane, p. 72. Citing the U of Kansas Catalog of 1937-41.

The School of Journalism was created and named after the late publisher (William Allen White) in June, 1944. Classes as a School were not offered until 1948, coincident with the hiring of Burton W. Marvin as Dean. The School was moved to new quarters in the remodeled Fowler Shops, now Flint Hall, in 1952. See the University Daily Kansan, June 9, 1944; Feb. 22, 1952


One way to provide a more realistic broadcasting experience would be for the student to be exposed to the broadcasting operations already in place on the campus. Certainly the administration was on record as favoring some kind of cooperation between the areas. Chancellor Malott had established a "Radio Council" several years prior to the appearance of KANU. There were seventeen members, drawn from various academic and administrative departments.(19)


Other than the general charge to "assist in the general planning for the future.....(and to) ...provide efficient operation," there seems to be no record of specific instructions to the Council. In 1949 the Director of Extension, Frank Stockton, seemed to imply cooperation between the station and academic departments when he said that KFKU, "would become a center of interest for various departments on the hill -- especially Speech and Journalism."(20)


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Radio-TV-Film at the University of Kansas:

  • A History and Personal ...At the University of Kansas. 1955-1984.
  • Send mail to miawmiaw@eagle.cc.ukans.edu with questions or comments ...


History of the Movement for Kansas Educational Television Stations


School of Journalism and Mass Communications - Area studies ...

  • These were very popular at the University of Kansas in the fifties ...
  • Send questions or comments about this introduction ...


Stream of Conscience E-Copy Offer.pdf


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