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unreasonable man

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Independent Lens . STORM OF EMOTIONS . Talkback | PBS 

For me, one of the best moments was when one of the top leaders said

that for a moment, he thought that a little girl from Gush Katif was his own ...

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Cynematik on IndieWIRE: Festivals Archives 

Go to PBS.ORG. It's all spelled out on their site in great detail.

... Nader is AN UNREASONABLE MAN and the subject

of the Documentary Competition film ...

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"Independent Lens" Unreasonable Man future thought leader 

Daniel Smith ... reflectiions on The 480 as future history


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... Athenian victory over the Persians at the 480 BCE naval Battle of Salamis.

... takes on new dimensions as authentic artifacts of American culture. ...


But whatever their sentiments towards the foreign invader, it seems clear that defining Serbian national identity seems to rely, in part, on defining their relationship to the United States. But even further, the play's popularity abroad (it has been translated in over twenty languages) seems to imply that Srbljanovic's depictions of the "Ugly American" appeal to an international audience.


I am interested in taking a deeper look of Srbljanovic's depiction of Americans in The Belgrade Trilogy and the critical responses to its productions in order to determine how Americans are viewed on the world stage. Particularly, I am interested in how the aspects of Srbljanovic's personal history mark her as both an erudite and authentic participant in history, thus guaranteeing her authority as an author. Finally, on a personal level, I am interested to compare the play's reception abroad to the play's reception here in the United States ... 

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