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WakarUSA mapXchange

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Rivers are both byways and barriers.

To understand history, F1RST understand rivers.

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County State Type Elevation# USGS Quad Lat Lon


Note: #Elevation values are often subject to error.

If in doubt, check the actual elevation on the map.


Wakarusa Elkhart

IN town/city 847 feet Wakarusa 41.536ºN 86.021ºW


Wakarusa Shawnee

KS town/city 955 feet Wakarusa 38.886ºN 95.696ºW


Sites near 38.886, -95.696 Near * Topeka, KS, United States

  • Wakarusa, KS, USA 7-Day Weather Forecast from The Old Farmer's Almanac (1.6 km NW) Near Topeka
  • Upper Wakarusa Watershed Dam No. 2 (2.0 km NE) Near Topeka ... 14 more from findlakes.com
  • Forbes Golf Course - Public (6.3 km N) Near Topeka
  • Kansas Air Guard Credit Union, Topeka, Kansas (6.8 km N) Near Topeka
  • Current Weather at Topeka, Forbes Field, KS, United States - World Buddy (7.3 km NE) Near Topeka
  • FOE - Topeka Forbes Field Airport, KS, US - * Airport - Great Circle Mapper (7.7 km N) Near Topeka
  • METAR Site Information for KFOE (7.7 km N) Near Topeka
  • Strowbridge Dam (9.0 km SE) Near Topeka


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TOPO! GPS Data Format Deg NAD83 ElevFeet Local-Time
TOPO! GPS Route,FIFTH-Freedom
LEAGUECITY,29.50745,-95.09492,23,03/17/2011,08:55:04,LEAGUE CITY-TX
ECMinistry,38.96174,-95.24315,997,03/17/2011,09:03:26,Mount Oread :: Jayhawk Blvd
KUSigmaNU,38.96533,-95.25397,985,03/19/2011,06:37:28,1907 Stubbs Mansion :: 945 Emery Road
AMES-IOWA,42.03470,-93.61994,964,03/20/2011,15:16:29,Iowa State College/Univerity
* * *

TOPO! GPS Data Format Deg NAD83 ElevFeet Local-Time
TOPO! GPS Route,CentralFlyway

* * *




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Google Earth

is the Free 2006 award winning program designed to view the entire world by satellite.


The main site for Google Earth is managed by Google.


thinkLets / Google Keyhole Computing Innovations

In the decades that followed, spy satellites, such as the U.S. Keyhole series, ....
Computing innovations
. Kansas University's Business School launched . ...
futurethought.pbworks.com/.../Google-Keyhole-Computing-Innovations - Cached


View some of the most popular Google Earth content.

published by many organizations and millions of users around the world.

Open KML files and browse them just like a document, but in a visually intuitive and interactive interface.


CBS Seismic Monitor

Display of real-time, worldwide earthquakes.


JoCoLink Desk Top Alert


Additional Information

Desktop Alert Application:

JoCo Link Desktop Alert Application is a FREE small, simple application which you can download and install on your Windows-based personal computer. (Currently not available to Unix or Mac users.) In addition to a source of immediate emergency information, it’s like having your own, personal meteorologist right on your computer.


Once installed and connected to the Internet,

you will receive current temperature and severe weather warnings directly on your computer screen, as well as other features such as local and national weather. This PC based emergency alert system will improve public notification of local, state and national emergency warnings. It will provide rapid notification of severe weather from the National Weather Service, state Amber Alerts for missing children and emergencies issued through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security or local officials.


This application runs fully open on your desktop or as a minimized application

– showing the current temperature – in your system tray. The system will sit idle in a personal computer until an alert is issued. When an emergency is declared, it will sound a warning through the PC, followed by a pop-up screen explaining the type of emergency. The user can reduce the screen after receiving the alert, but updated information will scroll across the bottom of the screen.





University of Kansas - Wikipedia

Computing innovations. KU's School of Business launched ...

KU's academic computing department was an active participant in setting up the Internet ...
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Kansas - Cached - Similar


Advancing Innovation at the Kauffman Foundation

Dec 7, 2010 ... Acceleration of U.S. Energy Sector Requires Reform at Every Stage
of the Innovation Pipeline (11/16/10). View More News · Kansas University ...
www.kauffman.org › Advancing Innovation - Cached - Similar 


Research.gov - SEE Innovation - Paleobotany Collections of Kansas ..

Mar 19, 2011 ... Analysis and Synthesis · Chemical Innovation · Engineering Research ...
Paleobotany Collections of Kansas University ...
www.research.gov/.../desktop;...%2FresearchGov%2FResearchAsset%2FPublicAffairs%2FPaleobota... - Cached


  1. University of Kansas: Information from Answers.com

    Kansas, University of, main campus at Lawrence; coeducational; state supported; chartered 1864, ...
    Computing innovations. KU's School of Business launched ...
    www.answers.com › ... › MiscellaneousColumbia Encyclopedia - Cached - Similar
  2. [PDF]

    Creating an Innovation Ecosystem

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    Platform for Innovation and Regional Economic Development. Information,
    Communication, and Computing Sector. • Advanced Space Technologies Research and ...
    www.nsf.gov/od/oia/programs/.../PetersonPresentationEPSCoR.pdf - Similar
  3. Kansas University – cleantechnica: Cleantech innovation news and views

    Tag Archives: Kansas University ... Renewable Energy Storage Ramps Up in 30 Seconds – cleantechnica:
    Cleantech innovation news and views on How Denmark Will ...
    cleantechnica.com/tag/kansas-university/ - Cached


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