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Waters to the Sea

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Citizen Mapping at Waterkeeper Alliance Conference_xi-703pm.pdf  

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Don't Know much about Biogeography (People, Placenames & Geomorphology)  


i4CQuest Launcher (CGEE: Center for Global Environmental Education)

Homer A. McCrerey Wikipedia

  • Homer Alex McCrerey (July 29, 1919-1999) became U.S. Navy Meteorologist and oceanographer ...
    • Homer was commissioned at the US Naval Academy in 1942. ...

Oceanography - Wikipedia

  • Matthew Fontaine Maury (US Naval Observatory);
    • CAPT Homer A. McCrerey (FNMOC - Futurist);
      • Walter Munk · Sir John Murray · Tad Murty · Stefan Rahmstorf ...


PDF ... Page 1 of 18 Policy/Management

  • State Technical Committee (SCC/KDHE/KWO/KDA). Issue 8. ...
    • Wakarusa Watershed, 3) Explore and evaluate potential solutions to Cross Creek bank erosion, ...


User talk:Malepheasant - Wikipedia

  • Mahalo Tom - After migrating from Metro-MN to NE-Kansas, I got recertified as ... ** FYI - The Wichita-WC adopted HamlineU's CGEE Waters to the Sea CD-ROM ...



Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Hawaii - Wikipedia

  • Global Logo of Center for Environmental Education (CGEE). - * Center for Environmental Education (CGEE) ...
    • Preserving & Protecting Waters to the Sea ...

PDF ... C:Documents and SettingsJackieMy DocumentsAA News & ViewsA

  • Waters to the Sea: The Chattahoochee River, is the second CD in a series ...
    • Kansas City, Missouri. Sponsored by the Association of State Wetland Managers. ... 

The adventures of Audubon Ark 2000 Waters to the Sea available in lab pack

Center for Global Environmental Education Hamline University

Graduate School of Education 1536 Hewitt Avenue, St. Paul, MN



  • The adventures of Audubon Ark 2000 Waters to the Sea available in lab pack ...

PDF ... Rivers 2006 preliminary abstracts 2006-05-18

Multimedia production--CGEE has begun production of a series of educational, interactive river and watershed. CD-ROMs. The “Waters to the Sea” series ... 



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    • University of Hawai`i System - Reviewer: Bob-RJ Burkhart from Shawnee, Kansas - USA ...


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A study (The study consisted of 108 entries; 78 were men and 30 were women. Those from OECD nations accounted for 75 entries and non-OECD 33 entries)[27] on what futurists think found the following shared assumptions.


The shared Futurists' assumptions were:

1. We are in the midst of a historical transformation. Current times are not just part of normal history.

2. Multiple perspectives are at the very heart of futures studies. Multiple methods, finding ways out of the box of conventional thinking, internal critique, cross-civilisational conversations, are among the ways they are expressed.

3. Creation of alternatives. Futurists do not see themselves as merely value-free forecasters but as creators of alternative futures.

4. Participatory futures. Futurists generally see their role as liberating the future in each person. Creating enhanced public ownership of the future. This is true worldwide, for the African or European futurist.

5. Long term policy transformation. While some are more policy oriented than others, almost all believe that the work of the futurist is to shape public policy so it consciously and explicitly takes into account the long term.

6. Part of the process of creating alternative futures and of influencing public (corporate, or international) policy is internal transformation. There was no divide between institutional and inner transformation that one so often notices at international meetings. Futurists saw structural and individual factors as equally important.

7. Complexity. Futurists believe that a simple one-dimensional or single discipline orientation is not satisfactory. Trans-disciplinary approaches that take complexity seriously are necessary. Systems thinking, particularly in its evolutionary dimension, is also seen as crucial.

8. Futurists in general were motivated by a passion for change. They are not content merely to describe the world, or to accurately forecast it. They desire to play an active role in transforming the world, or playing a part in its transformation.

9. The significance of hope cannot be stressed enough as a pivotal force in creating a better future.

10. However, even with hope as a “strange attractor”, pragmatism is not lost sight of. Most believe they are pragmatists, living in this world, even as they imagine and work for another. Futurists understand that they are in a business or mission for the long term. Merely one article, book or vision does not make for transformation. Rather it is consistent effort over a life time that can help create a better world future generations.

11. Sustainability was a given. It almost didn’t need to be mentioned. Sustainable futures, understood as making decisions that do not reduce the options of future generations, that thus include the long term, the impact of policies on nature, gender and the other, appears to be the accepted paradigm. This is so for the corporate futurist and the NGO. Moreover, sustainability, in its green sense, appears to have been reconciled with the technological, spiritual and post-structural ideal of transformation. It is thus not a simplistic ideal of sustainability (ie, back to nature) but rather a paradigm that is inclusive of technological and cultural change.


United States of America




Robert Simmon, NASA. Minor modifications by Robert A. Rohde also released to the public domain

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