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NEKLS exhibit hopes to garner interest in Kansas River artifacts


Pinchot, Gifford 1910: The Fight for Conservation (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1967) 88.

Future Kansas 1910 "Boy Scouts" "Teddy Roosevelt" "Natural Resource" fish conservation fund influence





[It] is a moral issue because it involves the rights and duties of our people -- 

to their descendants, and to the whole future progress and welfare of this Nation. 

their rights to prosperity and happiness, and their duties to themselves,  


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Contours - National Geographic Maps Blog: Map Help for the Classroom

How does NatGeoMaps support enviromental education EcoChallenge courseware? 

... innovative Prairie Passage mapXchange prototypes ... March 24, 2008 6:08 PM ...



  1. Kanzana "Trails-n-Tales" Eco-History Mystery - Podstock Southwest ...

     - 4:05am
    ... after pre-historic Santa Fe Trail watershed migration routes from SW to NE. ...

    This Kanza Territory Story Chasers thread distills "actionable insights" ...

    It was inspired by a Pathfinder Passports Eco-Challenge to help recover ...

    podstocksw.ning.com/xn/detail/3463517:BlogPost:1461?xg... - Cached

  2. [PDF]

    KBS-OBS ...

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View

    GeoScouting "On the Loose". mapXchange.

    USNPS-PNTS. Santa Fe Eco-History Trail. KSWRAPS. 

    KVHA-OCTA. California Road · Eco-Challenge. Courseware ...





BURK works for KVHAdventuring-Spirit of the Kaw (Eco-Challenge),
and has been exploring with us since May 7, 2008.

My site: http://minnesotafuturist.pbworks.com/mapXchange


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Local 11/12/2009  
  Mason Neck
Highlights: easy hike through holly and ferns, Bald Eagle nesting site. Near: Indian Head. Scenery: 4 Stars. Distance: 3 miles...
Read-Only 11/26/2009 LocalHikes 2681.26  
  PCT California
Pacific Crest Trail Imported original from MapXchange
Read-Only 06/22/2010 Craig Taylor 4620.78  
  Boulder County Trails
Routes of Boulder County Trails. Hiking & multiuse trails, sidewalks, access trails. Easy Hikes: Pine to Peak Loop at Bal...
Read-Only 09/29/2010 Nat Geo 3929.



MnGeo State Government Geospatial Advisory Council May 11, 2010 ...

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
Jul 13, 2010 ... MnGeo currently has funding from the USGS to develop procedures ....
To complement the United States National Grid (USNG) method for ...


page Community Social Responsibility (fivEZine)

Contours - National Geographic Maps Blog: REI Events 

... MentorshipART mapXchange wiki · NatGeoMaps mapXchange ...


are both byways and barriers ... To understand history, first understand rivers. 

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are both byways and barriers. To understand history, first understand rivers. 

Learn more about New Santa Fe Frontiers ... DELOS is an initiative funded by the European Commission's …




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Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance Signs Of Life Bookstore ...

 The Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance is a 501(c)3 non-profit.

... The people of the Kaw Valley maintain a strong sense of place and community. ...




Pathfinder Passports(cc): 2005-10-09

Head N 4.9 miles on McDowell Creek Rd. R ... Tom Parker :: dispatches from kansas
· Kan-ed Technology Rich Classrooms · KanGIS Biogeography mapXchange ...



  • Watershed Protection River Community Education Natural History ...

    As many of you will recall this book, authored by Lynn Byczynski and dedicated to KVHA’s 

    ... The Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance is a 501(c)3 non-profit. ...

    kawvalleyheritagealliance.org/ - Cached - Similar pages




    SCVNGR smartphone app turns museums, zoos into interactive games ...

    Lynn Byczynski

    with a native who knows it well and loves it, you already

    ... Lynn Byczynski, author. Teresa Rasmussen, president, Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance. ...



    TOPO! GPS Data Format Deg NAD83 ElevFeet UTC-Time

    TOPO! GPS Route,KAWHERITAGE lonesldflyer


    KAWPOINT,39.11642,-94.61072,724,07/27/2006,18:47:45,KCK LEWIS & CLARK ENCAMPMENT

    KSHSHMISSN,39.03315,-94.62034,950,07/27/2006,18:53:47,JOCO SHAWNEE MISSION STATE HISTORIC SITE

    OREGNTRAIL,39.01667,-94.62552,911,07/27/2006,20:03:52,OREGON TRAILHEAD KS-JOCO

    JOCOHISTRY,39.01414,-94.76048,1036,07/27/2006,18:51:21,JOCO HISTORY MUSEUM

    GRINTERPLC,39.07536,-94.76192,812,07/27/2006,18:44:02,FRONTIER MILTARY ROAD FERRY CROSSING

    SMISSNPARK,38.98569,-94.78085,1002,07/27/2006,18:50:06,JOCO SHAWNEE MISSION PARK

    NELSONISL,39.04289,-94.80176,756,07/27/2006,18:48:54,JOCO MILL CREEK STREAMWAY NELSON ISLAND

    OLATHE,38.88140,-94.81913,1040,07/27/2006,18:21:19,OLATHE KS-JOCO

    ERNIEMILLR,38.89674,-94.83893,997,07/27/2006,18:58:28,JOCO ERNIE MILLER NATURE CENTER

    MCHSTATION,38.97870,-94.86221,1007,07/27/2006,18:42:38,MONTICELLO COMMUNITY HISTORICAL SOCIETY

    NATAGRICTR,39.10751,-94.87267,1022,07/27/2006,18:40:47,GET PRAIRE PASSAGE IN KANSAS BYWAYS MAP

    BONNERSPGS,39.05972,-94.88358,850,07/27/2006,18:19:34,BONNER SPRINGS KS-WYCO

    PRAIRIECTR,38.88310,-94.89107,1023,07/27/2006,19:00:45,KDWP PRAIRIE CENTER

    LEAVENWRTH,39.31111,-94.92247,900,07/27/2006,18:18:28,LEAVENWORTH KS-LVCO

    PRAIRIECEN,38.86222,-95.01969,951,07/27/2006,19:29:18,PRAIRIE CENTER KS-JOCO

    HESPER,38.89861,-95.07469,921,07/27/2006,19:15:24,HESPER KS-DGCO

    EUDORA,38.94333,-95.09858,880,07/27/2006,19:16:35,EUDORA KS-DGCO

    BLACK JACK,38.76779,-95.11581,1090,07/27/2006,19:28:23,BLACK JACK KS-DGCO

    PENDCTYMKT,38.94947,-95.15761,803,07/27/2006,19:19:08,PENDLETON'S COUNTRY MARKET

    BLUE MOUND,38.90444,-95.18219,1052,07/27/2006,19:23:40,BLUE MOUND KS-DGCO

    BALDWINCTY,38.77501,-95.18636,1050,07/27/2006,19:26:29,BALDWIN CITY KS-DGCO

    FITCHRESRV,39.01414,-95.20932,827,07/27/2006,19:51:36,FITCH NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM KS-DGCO

    HINUNIV,38.93897,-95.23242,881,07/27/2006,19:25:07,HASKELL INDIAN NATIONS UNIVERSITY

    UPDEPOTCVB,38.97851,-95.23409,820,07/27/2006,19:21:47,DGCO UNION PACIFIC DEPOT

    OSKALOOSA,39.21528,-95.31276,1123,07/27/2006,19:55:08,OSKALOOSA KS-JFCO

    CLINTNLAKE,38.92083,-95.32970,876,07/27/2006,19:45:29,CLINTON LAKE KS-DGCO

    LECOMPTON,39.04444,-95.39470,950,07/27/2006,19:44:25,LECOMPTON KS-DGCO

    PERRY LAKE,39.11389,-95.42526,889,07/27/2006,19:56:02,PERRY LAKE USACE KS-JFCO

    CEDARCREST,39.05861,-95.75347,991,07/27/2006,20:00:26,KANSAS GOVERNORS MANSION WILDLIFE HABITAT

    KSHSMUSEUM,39.05817,-95.77293,942,07/27/2006,19:57:25,KANSAS STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY CAMPUS

    VALENCIA,39.07861,-95.87638,910,07/27/2006,20:05:05,VALENCIA KS-SNCO

    OREGONSTN,39.07640,-95.87812,910,07/27/2006,20:07:53,OREGON TRAIL :: KANZA CHAPTER SWALES

    SAINT MARY,39.19417,-96.07110,1000,07/27/2006,20:01:49,SAINT MARYS KS-POCO

    WILLARDCRK,39.19139,-96.08083,937,07/27/2006,20:10:25,WILLARD CREEK :: OCTA-TRAIL CROSSING

    SNOKOMOCRK,39.06111,-96.14555,970,07/27/2006,20:18:37,SNOKOMO CREEK

    ALMA,39.01667,-96.28917,1095,07/27/2006,20:20:35,ALMA KS-XXCO

    WAMEGO,39.20194,-96.30500,990,07/27/2006,20:22:15,WAMEGO KS-XXCO

    WESTMORLND,39.39389,-96.41361,1168,07/27/2006,20:13:47,WESTMORELAND KS-XXCO

    PILLSBURY,39.12972,-96.44056,1020,07/27/2006,20:23:08,PILLSBURY CROSSING KS-XXCO

    ALTA VISTA,38.86389,-96.48917,1437,07/27/2006,20:19:46,ALTA VISTA KS-XXCO

    KONZSPRAIR,39.09306,-96.55861,1362,07/27/2006,20:23:43,KONZA PRAIRIE NATURAL AREA

    MANHATTAN,39.18361,-96.57167,1020,07/27/2006,20:24:32,MANHATTAN KS-XXCO

    ROCKY FORD,39.23944,-96.58640,1032,07/27/2006,20:17:35,ROCKY FORD STATE FISHING AREA

    TUTTLECRLK,39.25694,-96.59223,1075,07/27/2006,20:16:11,TUTTLE CREEK LAKE KS-XXCO

    OLSBURG,39.43056,-96.61557,1422,07/27/2006,20:15:16,OLSBURG KS-XXCO

    RILEY,39.29889,-96.83085,1300,07/27/2006,20:25:28,RILEY KS-XXCO

    JNCTIONCTY,39.02861,-96.83140,1107,07/27/2006,20:28:42,JUNCTION CITY KS-XXCO

    MILFORDLAK,39.08333,-96.89779,1144,07/27/2006,20:27:04,MILFORD LAKE KS-XXCO



    "Kansas River" "Ferry Crossing" trail map


    Truman, David McCullough, Book - Barnes & Noble

    In a newly published guidebook to the Santa Fe Trail called Commerce 

  • They bought land, founded a settlement and a ferry crossing on Blue River, ...

    search.barnesandnoble.com/Truman/David-McCullough/e/9780671869205 - Cached - Similar pages


    The United States of America, One State a Day - Page 6 ...

    Mar 29, 2008 ... It is the western terminus of the Kal-Haven Trail, popular with ...
    ... Lone Tree Ferry crossing from Kanesville, Iowa in the early 1850s. ...

    www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?p=19176269 -  Cached - Similar pages


    Chapter 4.qxp

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML

    The Kansas River valley area. lies along the I-70 highway corridor ...

    ... Trail map has noted, these ruts are among ...

    www.freedomsfrontier.org/partners/study/Ch4-Affected%20Environment.pdf - Similar pages


    Historically Speaking by Otto

    Once on the other side of the River they would continue their journey West down the Santa Fe Trail.

  • As early as 1815, Arrow Rock had a ferry crossing, ...

    www.thepelicanpress.com/historicallyspeaking.htm - Cached - Similar pages


    The Upper Missouri

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML

    trail for tourists. It is one of the neatest maps I have ever seen. .....

    Five miles later, I passed the mouth of the Kansas River, the main source ...

    www.lewisandclarkseatosea.com/pdf/stevesJournal01.pdf - Similar pages


    City held key location | Topeka Capital-Journal, The | Find ...

  • At the height of travel along the Oregon Trail, thousands of emigrants on their way west crossed the Kansas River at Pappan's Landing in Topeka. ...



    "Kaw River" "Ferry Crossing" trail map


    The Bonner Springs City Council met in regular session at 7:30 p

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML

    Checked the tax rolls and the plan maps at the Court House.

    ... Those from Prairie Passage, Friends of the Kaw, River Keepers, Kansas State Historical ...

    www.bonnersprings.org/agenda_minutes/council_minutes_071105.pdf - Similar pages


    The Upper Missouri

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML

    trail for tourists. It is one of the neatest maps I have ever seen.

    ... The river was called the Kaw River in Lewis and Clark’s time and the Kaw ...




    page Plowboy Tramping (OCTA-Trails)

    Heuser ... U. S. Geological Survey and USFWS
    ... Kansas River will also be cleaned up. Educational events and associated
    ... infolink.cr.usgs.gov/Events/Conferences/mrc03/03Program.pdf

    Historic Lecompton - birthplace of the civil war

  • Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area ... September 26-28, 2008 Poster.

    :: The Fort Titus Cabin The Lecompton Historic Lecompton - birthplace of the civil war

    Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area ... September 26-28, 2008 Poster. 

    :: The Fort Titus Cabin The Lecompton Historical Society, with funds ...

    Show map of 525 E WOODSON AVE, LECOMPTON, KS 66050

    www.lecomptonkansas.com/ - Cached - Similar pages


  • 6News Lawrence: Stories for January 2008

    Members of the Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area have raised 

    ..... A recent case involving the ljworld.com web site is sparking national ...

    www.6newslawrence.com/news/2008/jan/ - Cached - Similar pages 

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