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Eye of the Whale (1969 USFWS)

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Articles and Editorials

by Homero Aridjis, Dick Russell...



The Whale-Watching-Web: Cetacean Nonfiction Bibliography

  • "More than a hundred years later, author Dick Russell sets out to track the migration of the gray whale and to retrace Scammon's own path. This epic journey stretches from Mexico to California, Oregon, Washington, Vancouver Island, Alaska, and into Siberia and even remote Sakhalin Island in the Russian Far East. In these exotic locales see the current controversies surrounding the gray whale: an effort by Mitsubishi and the Mexican government to build a massive new salt factory within its pristine nursery area; the Makah tribe's renewed hunting of gray whales after a hiatus of seventy years; Japan's recruitment of the Makah and other indigenous peoples in their quest to resurrect commercial whaling.


    Eye of the Whale is a . . . work of scientific reporting and travel writing that greatly advances our understanding not only of the gray whale but of the natural world. While it may be impossible to know for certain the fate of this majestic creature, with Russell's sage guidance we may glimpse it -- in the eye of the whale."

    www.helsinki.fi/~lauhakan/whale/literature/nfiction.html - Cached - Similar


Television: Oct. 3, 1969 - TIME

THE YEAR OF THE WHALE, by Victor B. Scheffer. ...

Now Dr. Scheffer, a scientist working for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, writes of the whale's life ...


"As the whale is great, so to cherish it can be proof of our greatness.

Meanwhile, and for a little longer, the great whale glides through the sea, feeling its vibrations and reading its meaning by senses it has gained through eons of time. Had the whale been created only to deepen our sense of wonder, that were enough, for it is imagination that makes us human."

Dr. Victor B. Scheffer

Year of the Whale 


Eye of the Whale, Dick Russell, Book - Barnes & Noble

VICTOR B. SCHEFFER, former director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service,

The Year of the Whale, 1969. Halfway down the remote Pacific coastline of Mexico's Baja ...

search.barnesandnoble.com/Eye-of-the-Whale/.../9781559630887 - Cached


The California gray whale was the first whale to be legally protected and the first to recover sufficiently to be removed from the US Endangered Species List. An environmental journalist explores the complex relationship between whales and humans through tracing gray whale migration, and the conversion of 19th century whaler Charles Melville Scammon to naturalist. Russell includes illustrations and useful Web sites. Originally published in 2001 by Simon & Schuster, New York.

Annotation ©2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR


Dick Russell - "Eye of the Whale" - Chapter Two

But, two years later, Charles thwarted his father's desire that he attend college,

and shipped out with Captain Robert Murray as an apprentice. From 1842 ...

www.dickrussell.org/chapters/chap2.htm - Cached - Similar


About this title: A rare and timeless book that takes the reader beneath the ocean's surface to travel with a young sperm whale. With a new foreword by the author. "A writer of unusual grace and feeling ... This is a fine book". -- The New Yorker 


p.139: "There was silence for a moment. When Bobby (Kennedy) spoke again, it was with the passion and intensity I'd witnessed thirty years earlier, as a student at the University of Kansas watching his father initiate his 1968 presidential campaign.  His father was speaking about ending the Vietnam War. Bobby Jr. was speaking about stopping the world's largest corporation at a Mexican lagoon." 


The Alex Jones Show – ARCHIVE – March 10th With Dick Russell 2010/03/10 16:51

The Alex Jones Show ARCHIVE March 10th With Dick Russell dick4c

Alex welcomes to the show Dick Russell who co-authored Jesse Ventura’s New York Times’ best-selling book Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me and Ventura’s latest book, American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us, available at the Infowars Store.

  • Russell’s previous book is Eye of the Whale, which was named among the Best Books of 2001

    by the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.


Watch the video archive and access the high quality MP3 by logging in at Prison Planet.tv and clicking on the “LIVE” page.

MEDIUM QUALITY FREE MP3 FILE: http://rss.nfowars.net/20100310_Wed_Alex.mp3 


Education Futures celebrates its first five years of exploring new futures in human capital development

with a timeline of the history of education from 1657-2045. This timeline provides not only a glimpse into modern education, but plots out a plausible future history for human capital development. The future history presented is intended to be edgy, but also as a conversation starter on futures for education and future thinking in human capital development.


Gray Whale - Wikipedia

The gray (or grey) whale (Eschrichtius robustus) is a baleen whale that travels between feeding and breeding grounds yearly.




A gray whale viewed from above.




Cultural Writing. History.

This volume- reprinted with a new forward by whale expert Dick Russell- has long been a highly regarded classic of natural history writing. At the time of the book's original publication, the SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE reported "no more devoted investigator of the whale and its habits ever existed than Captain Scammon."


As the captain of a whaling ship, Scammon closely observed and made detailed measurements of the animals he was tracking. Despite the lack of sophisticated tools, Scammon's was able to gather vital information, much of which has been confirmed by contemporary science. Scammons's Lagoon in Baja California is named after the captain in honor of his discovery of the favorite calving spot for gray whales.


thinkLets / WhalesTale

La Flecha ... whales tale. geoWIZard Pathfinder Passports: ...

http://www.acctts.com/trust-factors/cbql-swift-trust_virtual-team-tactics_8525out.htm ...

futurethought.pbworks.com/WhalesTale - Cached


  1. thinkLets / SwiftTrust

    JCCC ProQuest Cites: www.acctts.com/Eco-Futures/EarthScience/Swift-Trust- ...

    OCTA-Trails & Tales mapXchange: Whales Tale-StoryTech Hyperportal(cc) . ...

    futurethought.pbworks.com/SwiftTrust - Cached



  2. Picasa Web Albums - geoWIZard

    www.acctts.com/WaterSafetyKit/KELP6-2005_SWAP-GPSurvey/index.html ...

    Anticipatory Thinking MentorshipART Whales' Tale :: "Land Imaging Futures" ...



    Rivers are both byways and barriers ...

    To understand history, first understand rivers.



    Anticipatory Thinking MentorshipART Whales' Tale :: "Land Imaging Futures"


    1. Steph Dutton and Heidi Tiura: Owners of Trinity River Adventure ...

      In the Path of Giants, their project for the gray whales, has been the subject of many articles,

      books and television pieces. The most definitive treatment can be found in "Eye of the Whale," an epic volume by author Dick Russell and published by Simon & Schuster. Go to www.dickrussell.org and check out Chapter 10: "Orcas and Grays Along the Shores of Monterey" for a sampling of this interesting and sometimes heart-wrenching tale. You'll find this picture in it of Heidi paddling with gray whales, which was the start of "In the Path of Giants."

      www.trinityriveradventureinn.com/stepheidi_bio.html - Cached - Similar

    1. Sanctuary Cruises - Captains: Heidi and Steph - Monterey, CA

      Captains Heidi Tiura & Steph Dutton met in Sitka, Alaska. ... www.sanctuarycruises.com/captains.html - Cached 


    South China Sea ... UFO Encounter

     From: Bob (RJ) Burkhart / OOD USS Cimarron (AO-22) ...

    drift which meant CIM was on a collision course with this UFO (Unidentified Floating Object) . ...



1967 WestPac Cruise (CIM-PAO) comments ...

On a clam Sunday afternoon in transit to Yankee Station from Subic Bay PI, our starboard lookout reported a dark surface contact ten degrees off the bow. We'd had NO prior surface radar contacts!


By the time the OOD (me) reacted to this report, there were two contacts which then merged in to one as we both watched. The bridge gyro-compass repeater indicated no bearing drift which meant CIM was on a collision course with this UFO (Unidentified Floating Object) . . .  We were already in extremis as CIM's bow cut into the UFO's last known position. So, we looked for debris and advised the fantail man overboard watch to do the same.


While our bridge watch team attempted to assess these unexpected developments, our duty BMOW (Bosuns Mate on Watch) shouted WHALE HO off the starborad beam!  We then all observed a huge grey whale breach about 40 feet vertically into the air . . . while giving CIM the "angry eye" for disturbing its Sunday siesta.  Our summary: No harm / No foul / No collsion report!

FYI - Hawaii Whalesong e-Cology Experience @ http://www.acctts.com/showcase/Articles/SurfGearGoogle-Demo.html 


The world of strife shut out.

The world of love shut in.



"Nature is loved by what is best in us....
And the beauty of nature must always seem unreal and mocking
until the landscape has human figures that are as good as itself."
–"Nature," Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

"What happens to beasts can happen to man.

All things are connected.

If the great beasts are gone,

men would surely die

from a great loneliness of spirit."

- Chief Seattle, Suquamish Indian tribe




Future thought leaders who are grounded by these four principles ...

Integrity · Responsibility · Compassion · Forgiveness ...

create very successful organizations characterized





Confidence-Based Quantum Learning Swift TRUST

Virtual Team Tactics ... RJB-Rev: 2008-May-25am

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Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 8:29 am on Apr 12, 2010

1977 Biophysics "Naval Arctic Research Laboratory" (NARL) Whale Acoustic Behavior Patterns wired wilderness
DSpace@MIT : The wired wilderness : electronic surveillance ...
The Wired Wilderness: Electronic Surveillance and Environmental ...
by H Ritvo - 2006
The Use of Telemetry in Animal Behavior and Physiology in Relation to ...
(2001): 315-352. when engineers at Honeywell built an acoustic tag for tracking salmon ......
Box 63, Records of the Naval Arctic Research Laboratory, Ca. ......
Gray Whale With Radio Tag Located at Unimak pass," NARL News 3 (June 1979): 4. ...
is sound or normal behavior, when what you do is what most people agree you should do. .....
Belief and an awareness Attitude that if the spirit of the whale .....
dark patterns in the wilderness, noise in quiet, movement in stillness. .....
Naval Arctic Research Laboratory (NARL) , wolves were observed every ...

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 11:17 am on Apr 3, 2010

Cited by Dick Russell (p, 285)

# [PDF]
The Ecological Indian: Myth and History Shepard Krech has once ...
by S Krech III - 2001 - Cited by 385 - Related articles
The Ecological Indian: Myth and History. By Shepard Krech III.
New York: W.W. Norton, 1999. ISBN 0-393-04755-5. Reviewed by Dean R. Snow ...
http://www.humanecologyreview.org/pastissues/her81/81bookreviews.pdf - Similar
The Ecological Indian: Myth and History
Shepard Krech - 2000 - 322 pages
books.google.com - About this book - More book results »
The Ecological Indian: Myth and History from Natural History provided by Find Articles at BNET.

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 8:44 am on Apr 3, 2010

Mid-Pacific Humpback Whale Sanctuary Research before US Navy LFAS Deployment
Whale Trust Scientific Publications
Darling, J.D., and H. Morowitz. 1986. Census of "Hawaiian" humpback whales ...
Ed. by R. Payne. AAAS Selected Symposia Series. Westview Press, Boulder, CO. pp. ...
of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) off West Maui, Hawaii, 1977 79. ...
Are humpback whale song characteristics and singer behavior consistent ...
Whale Trust's School Programs
Whale Trust is committed to inspiring the next generation to get excited about protecting the oceans
by providing them with first-hand opportunities to learn about whales and the ocean environment.

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 8:36 am on Apr 3, 2010

i4CQuest-Keywords: LFAS Maui Hawaii Humpback Trust Census Darling Payne "Whale Song" AAAS NOAA

# [PDF]
Northwest Training Range Complex Draft Environmental lmpact ...
The unknown ocean: The baseline report of the census of marine life ...
... Marine Debris, November 27-29, 1984, Honolulu, HI. NOAA Tech. Mem. ...
... Prepared by R.R. Reeves, G.K. Silber, and P.M. Payne for National Marine .....
An observation of apparent feeding by a sub-adult humpback whale off Maui, Hawaii. ...

# [PDF]
Northwest Training Range Complex (2008 Draft EIS/OEIS Vol 2: 340pp)
Humpback whale song: Our current understanding. Pages 459-483 in Thomas, J.A., ...
... of apparent feeding by a sub-adult humpback whale off Maui, Hawaii. ...

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 2:27 pm on Apr 2, 2010

Know your Watershed Impact/Wilderness Inquiry Zones ::
related:www.fas.org/irp/program/collect/lfa.htm ACT "NATO LFAS Exercise" 2009
NRDC: Lethal Sounds
Oct 6, 2008 ... Urge the Department of Agriculture to act now to save bees ...
Bush-Era Sonar Policies; 12/29/2009: Big Win for Bees: Judge Pulls Pesticide ...
www.nrdc.org › ... › Wildlife Main Page › All Wildlife Documents
Sonar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (January 2009) .....
Sonars which act as beacons are fitted to aircraft to allow their location ...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonar #58 in Sonar
... Towed Array Sensor System Low Frequency Active (SURTASS LFA) Sonar
was published in the Federal Register (74 FR 3574-75) on January 21, 2009. ...

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 2:15 pm on Apr 2, 2010

“Collaboration is Key to Saving Whales, Supporting Our Sailors”, ....
Issue 5, available at http://www.usni.org/proceedings/Articles05/Pro05cfleets/htm. ...
Canadian American Strategic Review (CASR), May 2003, Simon Fraser University, ...
Low Frequency Active Sonar Systems (MS LFAS), Report prepared by SACLANT ...

This paper cites following source:
Ziegenbein, Jochen and Pye, Ken. CDE Project Summary: Multiplatform & Cooperative Multistatic Low Frequency Active Sonar Systems (MS LFAS), Report prepared by SACLANT Undersea Research Centre, La Spezia: Italy, 15 January 2002, available from
http://www.act.nato.int/organization/transformation/ cde/Projects/LFAS%20Project%20Summary.doc
Internet; accessed 16 February 2006.

LFAS.net Low Frequency Active Sonar
( ESA ) or the National Environmental Policy Act ( NEPA ). ....
Until a NATO LFAS exercise apparently killed numerous whales in the Mediterranean ...
[Listeecet] Fwd: lfas- Tyack research permit
Feb 2, 2001 ... Endangered Species Act."
Cover letter from Dr. Peter Tyack to Ms. Ann D. ....
Until a NATO LFAS exercise apparently killed numerous ...
related:www.lfas.net/ ACT "NATO LFAS Exercise"
Low-Frequency Active (LFA)
A high-speed optical correlator being developed by the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)
will act as a coprocessor to an Intel Paragon XP/S-25 computer. ...

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 1:53 pm on Apr 2, 2010

3pAB5. A journalist’s perspective on noise and marine mammals.
Dick Russell ~8118 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90069,
In the course of several years researching and writing Eye of the Whale ~Simon & Schuster, 2001, 688 pages!, the author interviewed a number of marine scientists about this subject and described at some length scientific findings over the past several decades. These pertained to California gray whales, their vocalizations, and the impact of various acoustical ‘‘playbacks’’ upon this species at different locations.

In particular, the author described studies of Navy LFA sonar in California and of seismic oil exploration off Russia’s Sakhalin Island. Scientific opinion appeared divided over whether LFA sonar, especially, would pose a substantial threat to marine mammals. However, as regarding both LFA sonar and seismic testing, gray whales were observed to avoid certain regions they would otherwise normally inhabit. Subsequent interviews have confirmed the possibility of a severe threat to marine mammal habitat. During this process, much has also been learned about the ways and means to improve communication between journalists and scientists.

Source-URL: http://lib.ioa.ac.cn/ScienceDB/JASA/jasa2001/pdfs/vol_110/other/2691_1.pdf

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 1:01 pm on Apr 2, 2010

Dick Russell - "Eye of the Whale" - Chapter Nine
... a graduate student from the *University of Kansas* named Jennifer Pettis, .....
The Navy's LFA Sonar should be kept away from inshore migratory corridors ...

by CDRMJ CORTESE - Related articles
SURTASS and Low-frequency Active (LFA) sonar, and unfunded diesel-powered .....

Cited ... King, Kendall and Holmes, Tom. “Expeditionary Strike Group.” U.S. Naval Institute
Proceedings, (March 2003).<http://www.usni.org/Proceedings/Articles03/proking
03.htm> [16 April 2003]

>>The Coast Guard's other icebreaker, the Healy (WAGB-20), is a lighter ship designed to break 4.5 feet of ice continuously at three knots. While primarily used for scientific missions, she is also capable of logistics, search and rescue, ship escort, environmental protection, and law enforcement missions.

Since 2003, the Healy has made three deployments to survey the uncharted seafloor around the Chukchi Cap. Working in conjunction with NOAA's Office of the Coast Survey and the University of New Hampshire's Joint Hydrographic Center, the breaker's multi-beam sonar and sub-bottom profiler were used to better define the extent of the U.S. continental shelf.<<

Source-URL: http://www.usni.org/magazines/proceedings/story.asp?STORY_ID=1762

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