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BioGeography BenchMarking

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Rivers are both byways and barriers.

To understand history, F1RST understand rivers.




The Battleship Missouri and the Trumans by Paul Stillwell
in US Naval Institute Proceedings: Sept-2010 (pp. 61-65)



WWII Pacific War surrender aboard USS Missouri (BB-63)


Ashland, Wisconsin hero GEN Douglas McArthur signs Japanese surrender documents
as proxy for his hometown boyhood friend FADM William D. Leahy ...
Chief of Staff to USA Presidents Roosevelt & Truman.
Published: August 27, 2010


MentorshipART memetics research with recursive data mining protocols (social network analysis)

found prior US Naval Institute (USNI) "Digital Library" articles that put William (D) Leahy's influence

into perspective: http://www.usni.org/search/node/William%20Leahy


USNI Digital Library results

Cherokee Jocko Fights the Cold War

... Here he dons a Sioux Indian headdress with Fleet Admiral William F. Leahy on 3 September 1945
in Yankton, South Dakota, celebrating Japan's formal ...

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Into the Rising Sun: The Doolittle Raid

... the 30th. In the bar of the Fairmont Hotel, Vice Admiral William F. Halsey met with Duncan, Doolittle, and Halsey's chief of staff, ...
Staff (clockwise from front left), Admiral William D. Leahy, General Henry H. ?Hap? Arnold, Admiral Ernest J. King, and General ...

Magazine Article - 0 comments


MacArthur, FDR, and the Politics of Leyte Gulf

... Although King and Marshall deferred to a degree to Admiral William Leahy, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs,
it was Franklin Roosevelt who had the ...

Magazine Article - 0 comments


Commanding at the Operational Level

... of theater and national military leadership. Only Admiral William Leahy,
Chief of Staff to the Commander-in-Chief, accompanied Roosevelt to Pearl ...

Magazine Article - 0 comments


Historic Fleets

... confidant of Presidents—then-Lieutenant Commander William D. Leahy—among her commanding officers.
Secretary of the Navy William E. ...

Magazine Article - 0 comments


Murray, Albert K. (1906-1992)

... of the individuals. For instance, in painting Admiral William Halsey and Admiral Thomas Kinkaid, Murray rekindled their acrimonious ...
of Murray’s brush: Chester Nimitz, William Leahy, Ernest King, James Forrestal, Marc Mitscher, Arleigh Burke, Thomas ...

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Recollections of President Truman's Navigator

... Joint Chiefs of Staff General Omar Bradley, Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy,
and Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn, as well as other notables who were ...

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Historic Fleets

... Naval cadets treading her decks included Thomas C. Hart, William D. Leahy, and Harry E. Yarnell.
She participated in two wars and observed ...

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Comment & Discussion

... could. The controversy surrounding the actions of Admiral William F. Halsey during this period could have had repercussions throughout ... wanted to be buried and under what circumstances. Admirals Leahy and Halsey opted for Arlington with full military honors, and Admiral ...


General Peter Pace: Walking Point

... for operations by more than one nation. Admiral William D. Leahy,

Chief of Staff to the commander-in-chief, that is, Roosevelt, chaired ...

Magazine Article - 0 comments


What's So Important about Energetics? Everything

... are several reasons for this decline.
When Fleet Admiral William Leahy learned of the atomic bomb's development, he stated, "The bomb will never go off." ...

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"TrumanLibrary.org" Leahy photo "USS Missouri" 1945

CLIFFORD, CLARK M. - Assistant to White House Naval Aide, 1945-46; Special Counsel to the President, 1946-50.

Approximately 20 pages in 8 interviews, covering the "Little White House" in Key West, with extensive discussion of his tenure as Naval Aide,
his relationship with James V. Forrestal, Universal Military Training, and unification of the armed forces.

Landmines, Lies, and Other Phenomena

... landmines. That misfortune hit soldiers of General William Tecumseh Sherman's army during the march from Atlanta to the sea. ...

for a December signing in Ottawa. 4 Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) promised legislation to force the ban on the U.S. military; ...

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Kaw "Rimrock Trail" HOAC

The rock structure under the camp is mostly limestone formations that are common in South Camp.

This geological fact reminds us that Camp Naish - and all of Kansas - was once covered by ocean. Eroded sides of hills thoughout Camp Naish show these limestone outcroppings also known as rimrocks ... from which our Rimrock Trail got its name.

MS-Excel Template: BioGeography_William-D-Leahey_X902am.zip


The Rim Rock Trail's La Flecha (Red Arrow) formation axis is 22 degrees ...

Dx: Embrace http://Virtual-Team-Tactics.futurethought.info

            where KM=Knowledge Management & SE=Social Engineering
http://www.technorati.com/profile/geoWIZard **

        Rx: Think Globally and *Interact Regionally* but Learn (LNT) Locally





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Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 7:06 am on Sep 2, 2010

Official Register of the United States (Context Backcasting)
William H. Leahy, : Assistant Chief for Research USN
Thomas J.Killian .j Science Director , ...
@ http://bit.ly/95GspQ

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 7:05 am on Sep 2, 2010

THE NAVY IN RESEARCH.. William H. Leahy. 2009; Journal of the ...
by WH Leahy - 1948 - Cited by 1 - Related articles
Published Online: 18 Mar 2009. 1961 American Society of Naval Engineers.
View all previous titles for this journal ...

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 7:46 pm on Sep 1, 2010

Education and the Role of Urban Deprived Youth in Economic Development
JP Walter, WH Leahy - emeraldinsight.com
I. INTRODUCTION Economic studies that attempt to explain or describe the process of economic
develop- ment in Latin America often overlook the participation of youth. Such studies generally
address themselves to such problems as capital formation, investments in natural and ...
@ http://www.emeraldinsight.com/journals.htm?articleid=1654309&show=pdf

Abstract: Economic studies that attempt to explain or describe the process of economic development in Latin America often overlook the participation of youth. Such studies generally address themselves to such problems as capital formation, investments in natural and human resources, foreign trade, population, and agriculture. Problems faced by the youth within the development process are usually oversimplified or treated as insignificant.

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 2:55 am on Sep 1, 2010

TGIF-Care and Feeding of LEO

bflind's avatar bflind for B.Lindgren CONSULTING in B.Lindgren CONSULTING's Archiv - 4 Days Ago

TGIF is a weekly newsletter published each Friday with the theme Taking Great Ideas Forward.
With a focus on business and organizational development in Northern Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, ... More»
@ http://community.intellicontact.com/users/bflind

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