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Glacial Hills Eco-Challenge River Routes

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eth·no·cen·trism [èthnō sén trìzzəm]



conviction of own cultural superiority:

 a belief in or assumption (myth) 

of the superiority of the social or cultural group

that a person belongs to (disapproving)


-eth·no·cen·tric, adjective
-eth·no·cen·tri·cal·ly, adverb
-eth·no·cen·tric·i·ty [èthnō sen tríssətee], noun


SEEKing Lost Legends of La Flecha

Rivers are both byways and barriers. To understand history, F1RST understand rivers

:: http://geotaggingineducation.blogspot.com/



Kanza Territory





Glacial Hills Eco-Challenge (95.12 mi.)

Leavenworth, Kansas


Link: http://www.mapmyride.com/route/united-states/ks/leavenworth/413128569019297960
Glacial Hills Eco-Challenge Hike Hikes in Leavenworth, Kansas Glacial Hills Eco-Challenge Walk Walks in Leavenworth, Kansas Use the URL above to link to this route from your website or embed this map in your blog.


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GeoTagging at #NCGE 2010 in Savannah, GA


The game is afoot.  I've started my geotagging collection for the annual meeting
of the 2010 National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE).  Visit:

You can also follow the NCGE backchannel on Twitter at #ncge (link).



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