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VFW Post 6654 Eagle Scout VHPreview

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Eagle Scout Participation

Participant Resources

The Veterans History Project provides an ideal opportunity for a Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout Service Project.
Through their participation in the Veterans History Project, Eagle Scout candidates:

  • Submit first-hand stories of American veterans to be preserved at the
    Library of Congress for scholars, researchers and posterity; (Typically Scouts submit 8 to 15 interivews)
  • Foster intergenerational bonds,
  • Learn organizational skills:
    • Identify, contact, research, interview and facilitate others’ interviews of American vets,
    • Use technical equipment,
    • Manage administrative and legal forms;
  • Learn leadership skills:
    • Initiate projects,
    • Write and execute a plan,
    • Adhere to instructions.

To be successful, aspiring Eagle Scouts must:

  • Carefully, thoroughly review and abide by the VHP Field Kit and “Frequently Asked Questions,” which outline participation requirements; these include interview content and technical requirements as well as satisfactory completion of required forms.
  • Contact Ariel De, arde@loc.gov, via email prior to submitting the interviews to the Library of Congress; Allocate six weeks upon date of receipt for VHP staff to review the collection(s) submissions, and allow for any necessary corrections to be made. Library of Congress staff will not be able to sign Boy Scouts of America forms regarding completion of Eagle Scout Leadership Service projects until this review is conducted and it is determined that submissions meet the minimum requirements. Aspiring Eagle Scouts should incorporate this review time into their planning process.


* PDF files require Acrobat reader, freely available on the Web



Interview Tips & Resources

Also: Suggested Questions | Research Sources

Prepare for the Interview

  1. Complete the Biographical Data Form with the veteran to identify possible interview questions.
  2. Prepare questions before the interview; write them down.
    • Conduct a pre-interview with the veteran or civilian, if possible.
  3. Use the highest quality video or audio recorder and microphone(s) you can.
    • Digital and Hi-8 video recordings are preferred
    • Use external microphones
    • Do not use extended time speeds on recorders
    • Do not use microcassettes
  4. Become familiar with your recording equipment and test it before you begin the interview.
  5. Interview in a quiet, well-lit room and avoid noise from:
    • Fluorescent lights
    • chiming clocks
    • heating and cooling systems
    • ringing telephones and televisions
    • other conversations
  6. Be sure the questions and answers are recorded.
  7. On video interviews:
    • Mount the camera on a tripod
    • Position the camera a few feet from your interviewee
    • Focus on the interviewee's face, upper body, and hands
    • Avoid using the zoom feature
  8. On audio interviews:
    • Use an external microphone
    • Position the microphone 9 inches from the interviewee.
    • Use a microphone stand
    • Be sure the tape has started recording before you start speaking!

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