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Google Chrome OS Notebook

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Google Chrome OS Pilot Launch in the US

Dec 10, 2010 ... Few days back Google finally announced the launch of it's much awaited
Chrome OS
 which it claims is designed to be an operating system that ...
www.buzzingup.com/2010/.../google-chrome-os-pilot-launch-in-the-us/ - Cached


Bypassing Windows

"We are confident that when we ship Chrome OS, it well be the most secure consumer OS," Pichai said.

Chrome OS doesn't use any other underlying operating system, such as Windows or alternative Linux-branded OSes. It connects directly to the Web. For that reason, Chrome OS could turn out to be a potential Windows killer.


Google's last major announcement was the open source release of Chrome OS in November of last year, where the vision of connecting directly to the Web, without the long bootups and shutdowns associated with traditional operating systems, was laid out. While conventional OSes are typically needed for everyday activities such as printing, Pichai described the existence of cloud-based printing support for Chrome OS called "Google cloud print," which is currently in beta.


Chrome OS notebooks appear to be mostly aimed at the consumer market. However, the devices are already being tried out by a number of businesses and organizations, including American Airlines, Kraft, Logitech, and U.S. Department of Defense researchers, among others. Pichai cited CIO complaints about the time spent by IT personnel in having to install software, maintain updates and ensure security. He opined that the Chrome OS model offered a total cost of ownership model for organizations that is "a couple of orders of magnitude" better than deploying conventional OSes and apps.


Chrome OS connects to applications located on the Web. The Chrome team actually defined "native applications," in the context of Chrome OS, as "Web applications." Even though there are no installed apps on a Chrome OS notebook, Google will allow "jailbreaking." For instance, there is a hardware switch on the device that will allow other software besides Google's to be installed.


As described last year, Chrome OS will provide security through automatic updates of the operating system. In addition, plug-ins will be exposed through Chrome OS' sandboxing security-boundary technology. Browser plug-in technologies, such as Adobe Reader, will access PDFs through this sandbox technology, it was explained at the press conference. A demo during the event by Brian Rakowski, director of product management at Google, showed instant access to long PDF documents, including the 1,990-page U.S. healthcare-finance reform bill. Chrome OS also automatically updates the Adobe Flash Player. Flash files are partly accessed through the sandbox at present.


As part of the update process, Chrome OS undergoes a so-called "verified boot" on startup, and Pichai said that Google hopes to be the first company to ship this technology. The verified boot checks for changes to the system. It leverages read-only firmware on the device, which can't be modified by software.


Chrome OS also comes with security for data. By default, all user data is encrypted, Pichai explained. There also is no need to install drivers with Chrome OS. The Google team's model for Chrome OS is to eliminate that requirement, according to the Q&A.


Google Announces Chrome OS Pilot Program, 12.1 Inch Notebook Cr-48

Dec 7, 2010 ... Today at this morning's major Chrome event, Google has just announced
Chrome OS... isn't done. It still has work to do with camera ...
techcrunch.com/2010/.../google-announces-chrome-os-pilot-program-12-1-inch-notebook-cr-48/ - Cached

  1. Google Unveils Chrome OS, Notebook Pilot Program

    Dec 7, 2010 ... The first Chrome OS notebooks will ship in mid-2011,
    but the company's running a pilot program starting today.
    www.businessinsider.com/live-google-chrome-announcement-2010-12 - Cached
  2. News for Google Chrome OS Pilot 2010

Google Earth Blog (blog)



Google Keyhole Computing Innovations  


The Cr-48 running Chrome OS is so dull


12 hours ago

After two weeks living in the cloud as part of the Google's Pilot Program
for its Chrome operating system and the Cr-48 laptop, I find the whole thing ...

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