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Historiography memes

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The Vast Opportunity the Two American Revolutions Offer Sovereign Citizens Today by Clarence K. Streit


This is what I have learnt from America --
it is the amount, and I teach it again.

-- Whitman, By Blue Ontario's Shore


Freedom & Union Press
Book I Copyright (c) 1961
Book II Copyright (c) 1940, 1949
Published with permission


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public space: Towards a new blast zone: Washington D.C.'s next ...

Underpinned by Turner's seminal historiography, Cold War discourse ..... 
Hier Grenze:Freedom's Frontier - Traces of the Inner-German Border, Dir. ...


Bomar, John, «A Vietnam Vet on Iraq: Staying the Course on ‘Freedom’s Frontier»,
In: Counterpunch, 19/20 November 2005, Available at: <www.counterpunch.org/bomar11192005.html> [accessed 1 August 2007]; 

, Donald M., Tales From the Cold War: 13th Armored Infantry Battalion on Freedom’s Frontier, Victoria:Trafford Publishing, 2004; 
Halt! Hier Grenze: Freedom’s Frontier - Traces of the Inner-German BorderDir. Christian Gierke,
A Film Europa Production, 2005, <www.film-europa.de/freedomsfrontier/freedoms_frontier.pdf> [accessed 1 August 2007].


  1. Review by Jon Roland of Freedom's Frontier -- Atlantic Union Now

    Finally, while serving in the Air Force at an Army installation, Ft. Campbell, Tennessee, 
    I found a hardcover copy of this book, Freedom's Frontier ...
    www.constitution.org/aun/revaunjr.htm - Cached
  2. Streit Council - Wikipedia

... Union was renamed the Association to Unite the Democracies (AUD) in 1985 and ....
including Freedom's Frontier: Atlantic Union Now in 1939, "King Nation ...
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streit_Council - Cached 



his·to·ri·og·ra·phy [hi stàwree óggrəfee]
(plural his·to·ri·og·ra·phies)

methods of historical research: the principles, theories,

or methods of historical research or writing


writing of history: the writing of history based on scholarly disciplines

such as the analysis and evaluation of source materials


available data on historical topic: the existing findings

and interpretations relating to a particular historical topic

4. historical literature: a body of historical literature


[Mid-16th century. Via medieval Latin < Greek historiographia < historia (see history) + graphia "writing"]


-his·to·ri·o·graph·ic [hi stàwree ə gráffik], noun
-his·to·ri·o·graph·i·cal, adjective
-his·to·ri·o·graph·i·cal·ly, adverb

Microsoft® Encarta® 2008. © 1993-2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.



OVERVIEW: Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area Management Plan

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
The U.S. Congress officially designated Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area (FFNHA) on October 12, 2006.


Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area Statement of National ...

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
on Missouri and do not fit with “Freedom's Frontier.” While these themes ...

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Kansas Visitors Guide

Freedom's Frontier lets you immerse yourself in the rich history of eastern Kansas that led to the Civil War. 
Spend a day on the ranch and exploring the ...
www.travelks.com/visitorsguide - Cached - Similar


Kansas Travel and Tourism Division, Kansas Department of Commerce ...

That struggle is preserved today in the recent establishment of the Freedom ...
www.travelks.com/s/index.cfm?SSID=45 - Cached - Similar

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Welcome to the Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area ...

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
Freedom's Frontier began as a grassroots effort through the work of ... later—
all these belong to the story of the Freedom's Frontier National Heritage ...

Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area: Wabaunsee County ...

Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area. Home • Events • Donations ...
www.freedomsfrontier.org/detail.php?aid=527 - Cached

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News From Freedom's Frontier NHA

This will be Freedom's Frontier's road map for the next 20 years. ... 
For more information about Freedom's Frontier NHA Partner upcoming meetings click HERE ...
archive.constantcontact.com/fs051/.../archive/1102532085884.html - Cached


FFNHA: Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area

File Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML
These tours and related Freedom's Frontier projects do not have to wait for the ....
Freedom's Frontier NHA partners. with Fort Scott NHS to educate . ...


  1. Freedoms Frontier's Blog | Just another WordPress.com site

    Nov 12, 2010 ... Getting to Know Freedom's Frontier is our new Monday series. ...
    Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area is a testing ground for debates ...
    freedomsfrontier.wordpress.com/ - Cached
  2. Historians to tour Bleeding Kansas-era sites / LJWorld.com

    Aug 28, 2006 ... The heritage designation, called the Freedom's Frontier Heritage Area,
    is pending in the U.S. Senate. If enacted, the legislation would ...
    www2.ljworld.com/r/303/400424/ - Cached



Digital Jaywalker Journal Podcast at Legler Barn. Duration: 4:32;
Published: 2009-09-17; Uploaded: 2009-09-27; Author: GeoVenturing · http://wn.com...
wn.com/GeoVenturing - Cached

  1. Fort Riley Color Guard Prepares For Presidential Inauguration

    http://wn.com/Fort_Riley_Mounted_Color_Guard's_Virtual_Team_Tactics ...
    wn.com/Fort_Riley_Color_Guard_Prepares_for_Presidential_Inauguration - Cached
  2. Fort Riley Mounted Color Guard's Virtual Team Tactics

    Fort Riley Mounted Color Guard's Virtual Team Tactics - from WN Network. ...
    wn.com/Fort_Riley_Mounted_Color_Guard's_Virtual_Team_Tactics - Cached
  3. Fort Riley

    Fort Riley - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news ...
    wn.com/fort_riley?orderby=relevance - Cached

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Journal Of Memetics

Dec 2, 2010 ... Journal Of Memetics - from WN Network. ... 
Digital Jaywalker Journal(cc) features Place-Based Consequential Learning (PBcle) experiences ...
wn.com/Journal_of_Memetics - Cached

  1. Mentorshipart Doug Bowles Shows Kanzana Kids Books

    Dec 14, 2009 ... Mentorshipart Doug Bowles Shows Kanzana Kids Books - from WN Network.... 
    Dragonfly County "Digital Jaywalker Journal"(cc) co-created on December 14, ...
    wn.com/MentorshipART_Doug_Bowles_shows_Kanzana_Kids_Books - Cached
  2. The Joy Of Stewardship

    Aug 24, 2010 ... The Joy Of Stewardship Cc - from WN Network. ... (Spirit of the Kaw)
    "Digital Jaywalker Journal"(cc) interview on December 22, ...
    wn.com/the_joy_of_stewardship_cc - Cached
  3. Journal Of Biogeography

    Journal Of Biogeography - from WN Network. ... 
    Digital Jaywalker Journal(cc) features Place-Based Consequential Learning (PBcle) experiences ...
    wn.com/Journal_of_Biogeography - Cached
  4. The Book Barn Fifth Freedom Listening Post

    Sep 17, 2010 ... The Book Barn Fifth Freedom Listening Post - from WN Network. ... 
    Dragonfly County "Digital Jaywalker Journal"(cc) co-created on December 13 ...
    wn.com/The_Book_Barn_FIFTH_Freedom_Listening_Post - Cached 


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