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Center Of It All Video

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Kansas ... Center of It All (2010 DVD)


"Kansas:  The Center Of It All"

Just Released!!


Mesquite 90 Production has completed this highly anticipated film on DVD!




"If I were to go West, I would go to Kansas. "
                                                  Abe Lincoln
Kansas has always been a crossroads.  Long before statehood in 1861 people like Lewis & Clark and Zebulon Pike had marched across its prairie.  The Oregon and Santa Fe Trails crossed.  So did the pony express.  Ike and Amelia, Chrysler, and the father of basketball.  And of course, Dorothy and Toto call Kansas home.  It is the geographic center of the U.S., and truly, "the center of it all."
To purchase, click here.

Narrator for "Kansas:  The Center Of It All" Revealed!
Jerry Minshell is remembered by Kansans for his years with KSIR, KFRM, and KICT radio.  He sang with the Plainsmen, the Marksmen, and the Proud Country Singers. He now calls Nashville, Tennessee home, and is a broadcaster at Supertalk 99.7, and WSM radio, home of the legendary Grand Ole Opry.
You'll love every moment as Jerry takes you on an adventure all across Kansas!  See the beautiful lands of Kansas, meet the people who have called Kansas home, hear about important historical events that took place in Kansas, and get ready to enjoy some very interesting and intriguing tales about the life and times of "The Center Of It All" -- Kansas, U.S.A.



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