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Incremental Conceptualization

Homer A. McCrerey was a Hiawatha, KS “hidden hometown hero” who inspired adapting NASA Apollo Command Capsule Recovery search and rescue protocols for disaster recovery and humanitarian assistance missions. …


Pacific Disaster Center (PDC)


NE-Kansan Homer McCrerey was exercising his thought leadership skills at Baker College in Baldwin City, KS.
Our paths first crossed at Pearl Harbor in 1969 after I'd met ...


  • Campus Futures nbsp; Homer A. McCrerey - Honoring NE-Kansas ...
    Midwest Mariners CAPT Homer Alex McCrerey (July 29, 1919-1999) became U.S. Navy Meteorologist ...
  • Waters to the Sea ation) Homer A. McCrerey Wikipedia Homer Alex McCrerey (July 29, 1919-1999) b
    ecame U.S. Navy Meteorologist and oceanographer ... Homer was commissioned at the US Naval Academy in 1942. ... Oceanography&n… 
  • InterDependence Jr. Oceanography Homer A. McCrerey
    via http://tools.wikimedia.de/sixdeg/index.jsp?from=W.+W._Behrens%2C_Jr.&to=Homer_A._McCrerey
    3 degrees of separation Charles Curtis Joseph L. Bristow Baker University … 
  • WiKUpedia FAQ here McCrerey Page Content Matches: 8 Campus Futures ...Homer A. ... Digital Jaywalker ...
    Enroute westward from Wash-DC, I visited the Kansas Union Jayhawker Magazine ... InterDependence ...
  • StoryTech Harbor, Hawaii, McCrerey interacted with Mid-Pacific Ocean peer mentors
    to help ensure highly effective NASA Apollo Program command capsule recoveries
    coordinated by Pacific Recovery Forces ...  


WI Prairie Passage Flyway mapXchange 

Homer A. McCrerey Wikipedia Homer Alex McCrerey (July 29, 1919-1999) became U.S. Navy ...
http://www2.ljworld.com/marketplace/businesses/ .../memetics-research/ -
Cached Veteran Stories - Celebrate Oklahoma Voices!


Digital Jaywalker

Linda Jo McCrerey. She was a J-School student who was then
1969 Jayhawker Magazine Yearbook Editor from a US Navy family living on Oahu.
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  • FOCCPAC-Kunia 23 Homer Alex McCrerey (July 29, 1919–1999) became
    U.S. Navy Meteorologist and oceanographer for CINCPACFLT until 1972
    Haskell Indian Nations University 785-749-8404 Visit website
  • River Recreation Area p;Sea Homer A. McCrerey CAPT-USN, Ret. (1919-1999) Baker University
    :: Wakarusa Watershed Legends Centenary College of Louisiana Marshall, Texas Bill Moyers ...
  • Triple-A BM 1965-77 McCrerey Linda ED 1969-81 Louv Richard ED 1970-82
    Please preview the 2007 Digital Jaywalker discussion draft outline at River Recreation Area

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