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West Hills Neighborhood

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Windmill Hill Eco-History



Start at the Oregon Trail marker (a bronze plaque in a limestone boulder) at West Campus Road/Crescent Road,
just south of the Chi Omega fountain
Go north along West Campus Road ...Go west on Stratford (thus entering West Hills), then north on West Hills Parkway;
as it turns west you’ll see, on 
your right, a wooded area known now as the West Hills Bird Sanctuary.

Down there, concealed by brush and poison ivy, is an (abandoned and filled) water well
which allegedly was used by OT travelers. (I’ve seen the well 
but not the travelers.)


At the intersection of West Hills Parkway and Emery Road (named for

Judge James S. Emery, whose land, I believe, this once was), turn north on

Emery (ah, just 40 years ago, still a gravel road).  The white porticoed house

on the southwest corner of Emery and Sigma Nu Place was originally the

home of Walter R. Stubbs, Governor of Kansas, 1909-1913, and housed the

Sigma Nu fraternity (and a ghost) until a couple of years ago.


Just before reaching 9th street, on the east side of Emery a small, old, 

two story limestone house still stands, almost hidden by modern apartments;
the west side are the Windmill Apartments which take their name from the

wooden, Swedish-built windmill that used to be to the west at the crest of the

hill, built 1863-4, burned 1905.  The little stone “millhouse” on the east side

of Emery is one of several built for the millhands; only a couple of them

remain (another on Maine, just north of 9th Street).


West Hills Homes Association

May 9, 2009 ... West hills homes association
LawrenceKS 66044 est. 1939. Architecture; Archives; Assessment; Lawrence Assoc. of Neighborhoods ...
west-hills.org/ - Cached - Similar

Neighborhood Contacts | City of LawrenceKS - Planning ...

Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods, Gwen Klingenberg, (785) 838-9197 ... 
West Hills · John Middleton, (785) 865-3909 ... City of Lawrence; City Hall;
6 E. 6th Street; LawrenceKS66044; (785) 832-3000; cityhall@lawrenceks.org ...
lawrenceks.org/pds/neighborhoodcontacts - Cached - Similar

  1. [PDF] 


    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    Staff has met with members of the West Hills Homeowners Association to ...
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  2. Apartments Hawkpoint - West Hills Apartments - LawrenceKS 66044

    Visit West Hills Apartments in LawrenceKS and discover a uniquely retro community.
    Located only steps away from the KU campus and directly on the KU bus ...
    www.westhillsku.com/ - Cached - Similar



Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods

File Format: Microsoft Word - Quick View
Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods. June 3, 2010. Capitol City Bank ...

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Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods ...

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
Feb 3, 2011 ... Creek Neighborhood Association; Robert Lewis, West Hills Neighborhood ...

 Lawrenceneighborhoods.org http://lawrenceks.org/,. Submitted by: ...



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