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NCLI memes

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HO-Memes and Memetics_X814rjb.pdf


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disinformation | memetic engineering

Mind-blowing site that combines Richard Dawkins' concept of the 'meme' with Mihaly .... 

the global brain, epistemology, metaphysics, and other cutting edges of conceptual ... 
and links to WFS chapters and consultants worldwide. ...
old.disinfo.com/archive/pages/dossier/id133/pg1/ - Cached - Similar 

meme [meem]



cultural characteristic passed down generations:

 any characteristic of a culture, e.g. its language, that can be transmitted from one generation to the next

in a way analogous to the transmission of genetic information


[Late 20th century. < Greek mimēma "something imitated," after gene]


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Left Inside (NCLI) Coalition! The Sun Magazine | Nature-Deficit Disorder?
Richard Louv Asks Whether We’re Raising Our Children Under House Arrest ... went on to receive a degree in journalism ...




Indian Ways

Left Inside NCLI earthsea-Keeping mentorshipart of Peace ...




From KS-150 Kanza Territory High-TEK MentorshipART

Social Capital Conservancy (7804am)


SC: Sustainable Change 


D: Dissatisfaction

V: Vision of future state or condition

F: F1RST/Next steps to desired state

R: Resistance to change (inertia)


Then: SC = D x V x F > R



Crafting NCLI (No Child Left Inside) ARTifacts for adaptive outdoor recreation "Eco-Challenges"

Empower consequential learning for "Know Your Wilderness Inquiry Zones" (WIZ) 


  • Article-Disappearing Practice Opportunities.pdf 63.6 KB
    There has been an increasing trend, nationwide, for owners, government agencies and consumers
    to accept increased risk during periods of economic growth, 
  • 39Case_FieldStudies.pdf 3.0 MB
    are more inclined to spend time in virtual environments, so we explored the relationship with groupware experience.
    The area of groupware experience was addressed with one general and four specific questions. 


Bioneer adVenturing Blog


ClickToPAUSE-IQuest :: PreviewTop50:: hornadaywiz.futurethought.org/Learning Outcomes & MBR-Metrics

KnowYourWatershed :: RiverOrienteering? :/: CommunityStewardship? (RO/CS) :: EcoFutures :: EcoTrekUSA 


  • Exploritas-GeoScouting: KVHAdventuring-LNTreks
    A Water Quality Study in Rutherford County, Tennessee: Student Group Project
    Undergraduate research is the most rewarding way for science students to become exposed to…
  • GeoVenturing-LNT
    Louv KVHA-NCLI_McKeon-Support-FAX_8617MSW.pdf
    Virtual Tourism: Futures Studies Framework Beginning Fall of 2006,
    you can grasp your opportunity to study the future in the context of …




This Wiki is licensed CC-BY-NC-SA - Creative Commons 


  • On the Loose: Theodore Naish Scout Reservation
    Richard-Louv_NCLI_cool_report.pdf VFW-Post-6654_NHC-Ships-Bell-Status.pdf
    Analyze, Report & Share Information w/ Microsoft Business Intelligence Social Interaction Economic XML 
  • turtle tales
    Richard-Louv_NCLI_cool_report.pdf This Wiki is licensed CC-BY-NC-SA -
    Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.
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LinkedIn geoWIZard Summary

Future Thought Leadership ... Facilitated Thinking Environments 
(Coach, Mentor, Tutor for MentorshipART of Peace & Tolerance) 
Demonstrated innovation in creating adaptive outdoor recreation venues ...
THINK Globally and InterACT Regionally but LEARN Locally

• Facilitator: KACEE Quad-States Environmental Education Leadership Summit 
*** Adapted Interact Systems mentoring during US-EPA Region-7 Workshops 
Also see: http://spne.ws/84H

• Designer: Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance / StreamLink Biogeography-101 Program 
*** Adapted GeoScouting to integrate Land-Navigation GPSurveys with Leave No Trace (LNT)

• Navigator: Eco-Futures Forum advanced distributed visual learning network 
*** Adapted Futures Studies Methods to cultivate NING & PBworks "Learn & Share" portals ...



Guides Future Thought "Leadership Learning Collaboratory" VIPanel Workshops
:: Preview: http://futurethought.pbworks.com/Teddy-Roosevelt%27s-FIFTH-Freedom
:: In its 13th year, IWALK events continue to grow, as many cities and countries recognize the need 
for programs that educate children, parents and educators about safely traveling to school in ways that will benefit their health and the environment. 



see all...


  • KVHA Business Director at Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance, Inc.
  • MentorshipART (of Peace) Navigator at Minnesota Futurists SIGS (MFS)
  • EarthSea-Keeper at Social Responsibility Pathfinders

see all...

Education (Adult Lifelong Learning)

  • Texas A&M University at Galveston
  • University of Kansas (KUCE-OLLI)
  • Kansas State University (KELP)
  • Metropolitan State University
  • Capella University (CyberThreats)
  • University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • University of Saint Thomas


  • Minnesota Information Systems Auditors (CISA-1982) 
  • University of Minnesota - Carlson School of Management
  • NAS Twin Cities (NRSAND V-12)
  • University of Hawaii - College of Business Administration


  • Washington Navy Yard (DC: Anacostia River)
  • USNB San Diego Ship Handling Simulator
  • Naval Officer Candidate School (A-703)
  • University of Kansas (1961-65)


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