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NPR-2012: Lose The Lecture As Teaching Tool


Maryland's Redish says when he lays out the case against lecturing, colleagues often nod their heads, but insist their lectures work just fine. Redish tells them — lecturing isn't enough anymore.


NPR_20120101_atc_02.mp3 (All Things Considerd: 7 min 50 sec)


"With modern technology, if all there is is lectures, we don't need faculty to do it," Redish says. "Get 'em to do it once, put it on the Web, and fire the faculty."


Some faculty are threatened by this, but Mazur says they don't have to be. Instead, they need to realize that their role has changed.

"It used to be just be the 'sage on the stage,' the source of knowledge and information," he says. "We now know that it's not good enough to have a source of information."


Mazur sees himself now as the "guide on the side" – a kind of coach, working to help students understand all the knowledge and information that they have at their fingertips. Mazur says this new role is a more important one.


American Radioworks is the documentary series from American Public Media.
You can find more of their reporting on this issue at "
Don't Lecture Me."


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Troutzone Lecture is dead, but there is a replacement approach. @nprnews : ... Lose The Lecture As Teaching Tool http://t.co/f8YVUVko

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