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Kanzana SFTA Historic Byways

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Santa Fe Trail RC&D Partners

with Kearny County

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AH Ch 13 Manifest Destiny - Miss O Home

The Interactive Santa Fe Trail http://www.ku.edu/ heritage/ research/ sft/ ...
Comprehensive site containing an interactive map of the Alamo grounds, ...


Visit Celebrate Kansas Voices

8th Grade American History

This lesson plan examines the skills involved with cartography and explores
how Lewis and Clark created maps on their ... http://www.ku.edu/heritage/research/sft ...




American Westward Expansion

Santa Fe National Historic Trail. http://www.nps.gov/safe/
Santa Fe Trail Research Site. ... Railroad Maps 1828-1900.

www.gstboces.org/homework/secure/attachments/​02810503065626.doc · DOC file


FFnha-mapXchange River-Roots


The Kansas Heritage Group history archives are devoted to digitally preserving Kansas' past, giving future generations the opportunity to learn from family and local Kansas history online. Browse through Kansas history sites and also receive information on how to contribute. The Kansas History Gateway, established by Lynn H. Nelson as HNSource on March 6, 1993, was the second WWW public web site; the first Kansas history online. Kansas history and art museums, libraries, genealogy and events are included. The KS Heritage Group is an unfunded group of volunteer maintainers.


"I would like to thank, on behalf of all the people who have benefited from it,

Lynn Nelson for his great effort to build and maintain the WWW Virtual Library for History."

Tim Berners-Lee, WWW Inventor, www.w3.org, November 2004.


thinkLets / StoryTech

... via http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Kansas#Computing_innovations ...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Kansas#Science_and_technology ...



Minnesota Futurists / New Model For Decision Making

ALL-WinWin Peopleware: Computing innovations (C2P: Click-to-Pause)... ... via http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Kansas#Computing_innovations .

  • University of Kansas - Wikipedia ...

    Computing innovations. ... Find more about University of Kansas on Wikipedia from Commons

  • Map of University of Kansas - The Full Wiki

    The Edwards Campus is in Overland Park, Kansas in the Kansas City metro area.
    There are also educational/research sites in Parsons, ... Computing innovations



August 6-11, 2012, OCTA Convention, Lawrence, Kansas.

 Click here for more information.

Theme for this convention is "Trails, Tribes and Territories".
Along with speakers, many of the tours will include Trails used by both traffic
on the Santa Fe Trail as well as the Oregon-California Trail.


Tentative Bus Tour Schedule

(All tours starting and ending at Holiday Inn):

    1. Independence Route - Upper Independence Landing to Gardner Junction
    2. Westport to Lawrence – Westport Landing – Strang Park – Hwy 10 – Wakarusa Crossing.
    3. River Run to Ft. Leavenworth – Lewis & Clark Point - Kaw Point – Grinter House – Military Road – Leavenworth and Ft. Leavenworth.
    4. Lawrence Trails – Black Jack – Lawrence – LeCompton - into Topeka? (Brown, Underground Railroad -- Border War)
    5. Quantrill Raid - Baldwin (escape route) Olathe - Stillwell (Aubry) – Gardner – O.T to Lawrence.

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