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Macroscope STEP Model

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Planet Geospatial

In the upcoming Winter 2011/2012 issue of ArcNews, Jerry Dobson 
suggests that we already have the ideal tool for the job: the macroscope. ...


Thought leaders discuss changes and insights (thinkLets) in the evolving landscape of GIS and IT technologies.

Changing the Face of Geography

Illustration from Changing the Face of Geography, Spring 2009.


Esri Insider : Geography: Seeing the Big Picture

Dec 9, 2011 – 
In the upcoming Winter 2011/2012 issue of ArcNews, Jerry Dobson
suggests that we already have the ideal tool for the job: the macroscope. ...


  1. Esri News | ArcNews | Articles from the Technology and Trends Series

     Technology and Trends Series. Thought leaders ... 
    By Jerome E. Dobson, Professor of Geography, University of Kansas, Winter 2011/2012. Ecosystem ...

  2. ArcNews Online | Articles Covering GIS Topics from Around the World


ArcNews is a news magazine with a worldwide circulation of more than 600000 
that is published quarterly for those interested in ... ArcNews Winter 2011/2012 ...


Sign Up and Attend an Esri Regional User Conference ...

Costa Rica and Nicaragua, was held September 28–30 in San Jose, Costa Rica.
A recap of this event will be included in the winter 2011/2012 issue of ArcNews...


  1. Esri Insider > Esri Insider

    georezo.net › Accueil › Publications › Blogs
    ?s article ?The Macroscope: Geography?s View of the World?
    will appear in theWinter 2011/2012 issue of ArcNews. ...

  2. How can people participate in Map Stories?  

Allen:  We'd love people's ideas about new topics, new or hidden data sources, interesting GIS work that begs to be shared with a wider audience. We need people to criticize us too. We also, by the way, want to do more to involve our audiences: to enable users to share their own location information, photos, and opinions. Now that so many of us walk around with location-enabled devices, we should be engaging people in new ways, and recruiting them as authors and contributors to Map Stories. 


GeoLearning: A Role for Old-Fashioned Geographia ...

... Winter 2011/2012. A Role for Old-Fashioned Geographia in Education.
"Geo Learning". A column by Daniel C. Edelson, Vice ...

www.esri.com/news/arcnews/winter1112articles/a-role-for-old-fashioned-geographia-in-education.html: 24k




The STEP Model | ArcNews

... Winter 2011/2012. The STEP Model. a diagram of the STEP model.
In the real world, space is vital. Yet, for a century and ...

www.esri.com/news/arcnews/winter1112articles/the-step-model.html: 18k


The STEP Model

a diagram of the STEP model

In the real world, space is vital. Yet, for a century and a half, science has been dominated by specialized disciplines that routinely ignore geographic space. Process is, of course, the Holy Grail of science, and understanding space is essential to the discovery and explanation of real-world processes.


The space, time, entity, and process (STEP) model envisions a future science more closely aligned with the real world. The new spatially enabled science also implies increased scientific integration across entities and disciplines both physical and cultural; improved connections to real-world entities through GIS, remote sensing, popular geographics, and fieldwork; and greater emphasis on place-based research.


See also "Through the Macroscope: Geography's View of the World."

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