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What does a GeoMentor do?

A GeoMentor "adopts" a school, class, or club and supports the educator/s in working with youth.

Using tools of geography (such as maps and globes, atlases, charts, imagery, and field work),

the GeoMentor helps the educator and youth develop skills in geographic thinking.


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Achievement Kunia Hawaii usps I've shared a map with you called Kunia Camp HI

Wheeler Army Airfield (Geography) Wheeler Army Airfield, also known as
Wheeler Field and formerly as Wheeler Air Force… 


  • Campus Futures <-(My FOCCPAC-Kunia/NDC Mission) Our innovative CDC-1604/160A INFOstructure
    plus production prototype applications it supported later became pre-WWMCCS benchmarks for
    CincPAC's "Operational Continuity Assurance… 
  • FOCCPAC-Kunia FOCCPAC (Kunia, HI), ... http://www.linkedin.com/in/geowizard -
    # "Swift Trust" Empowers MentorshipART of Peace - Podstock Southwest ...
    ... graduate studies at UH-Manoa and drafted Ocean Surveillan… 


Task Force 130 FOCCPAC] at [Kunia] [Hawaii]

observed 'high-precision' navigation] results acquired from the [DARPA] [Satellite navigation system] (SRNS-1)

loaded into two sea-land cargo containers. These were secured onto Iwo Jima's … 


  • Brain Mapping Intelligence cognition (FOCCPAC-Kunia) ... Inferential Calculus memes ...
    WellBeing cognition cog·ni·tion [kog nísh'n] noun 1. ability to acquire knowledge:
    the mental faculty or process of acquiring knowledge ... 
  • Community Social Responsibility (fivEZine) (FOCCPAC-Kunia),
    I began doing naval data center "sea surveillance" operations research to ensure integrity
    of decision support systems for NASA Apollo Command Capsule Recovery Search & Rescue (SAR) ...
  • ConspiracyTheory TrustBuster (FOCCPAC at Kunia) on Oahu in Hawaii launched
    an Automated Control Environment (ACE) using a cluster of five (5) CDC 160As
    to supervise a multi-tasking network of four (4) CDC 1604's.


Kanza Territory ROCS at FOCCPAC-Kunia.

My focus on adaptive outdoor recreation as River Orienteering / Community Stewardship (RO/CS)

evolved after finishing UH-Manoa Decision & Information Science grad studies in 1971.  …


McCrerey … FOCCPAC-Kunia

Homer Alex McCrerey (July 29, 1919–1999)

became U.S. Navy Meteorologist and oceanographer for CINCPACFLT until 1972

Haskell Indian Nations University 785-749-8404 Visit website 


  • NatGeoMaps GeoLearning ... FOCCPAC-Kunia
    Using your workspace as a document repository can dramatically reduce
    the number of email attachments you have to send. Even a simple repository like the one below can provide helpful… 
  • Presponse Pathfinders Passports @ FOCCPAC-Kunia, HI
    Optional - Background on Kaw River Valley "Community Stewardship" …
    Fast-Fleet-Oilers_1933-39_SwiftTrust-PathfinderPassports_3721MSW.pdf 478.2 KB sustained "Presponse Systems …


StoryTech shore duty at Kunia, HI as FOCCPAC Sea Surveillance Officer (C322) ...

Where PAO - Public Affairs Officer (Planet-U Champion) CIMS - Campus Incident Management Systems ...

FMEA - Failure Mode & Effects… 


  • UNODIR-RLO memetics duty at Kunia, HI as FOCCPAC Sea Surveillance Officer (C322) ...
    Where PAO - Public Affairs Officer (Planet-U Champion) Adaptive Leadership 
  • Affirmation FOCCPAC-KuniaReturn to: Affirmation of Interdependence ... BioGeography ... DIKW ... GDSS ...
    GeoVenturing-LNT ... i4CQuest ... MindShifting ... Pathfinders ... RiverRoots University of Kansas - Wikipedia 


HyperPort-ESC at FOCCPAC-Kunia (1968-71)

involved prototyping "Sea Surveillance Systems" that "blended"
sensitive current intelligence sources
with current operations monitoring!  …  


The GeoMentor Program :: Guidelines - Esri GIS Education Community


Mentors must be able to share their experience in geographic thinking to foster such growth for others.

Commitment – Being a GeoMentor means sharing ...



Making an Impact - Esri


File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
The GeoMentoring program was announced by its cosponsors,

the National Geographic So- ciety (NGS) and ESRI, on July 13, 2009, at the. Plenary Session ...


  1. Seek or Be a GeoMentor | GIS Education Community - Esri Blogs

    blogs.esri.com/esri/gisedcom/2009/.../seek-or-be-a-geomentor/Sep 8, 2009 –
    Looking for someone to help you do more powerful geographic analyses?
    Willing to help someone discover why maps are cool?
  2. Geo Learning: Making a Difference in Geo-Literacy - ArcNews ... - Esri

    At the 2009 Esri International User Conference in San Diego, California,
    Jack Dangermond, president of Esri, introduced the new GeoMentor program ...


Esri and National Geographic Society Announce Geomentor Program

July 13, 2009. REDLANDS, Calif.—The newly established GeoMentor program
was jointly announced by ESRI and the National Geographic Society on Monday ..


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