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LBOChristmas ReelOptimism

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Blended v-Learning Objects (BvLO)


  • Future thought leadership

  • Graphical Table of Contents (GTOC) 
  • mapXchange ... power of example ? 


Lest We Forget :: "Leadership is not taught.  It is instead modeled.

Real leadership is not about who gets the credit. It is instead about who empowers others to lead."

... Dr. Emily Taylor ::http://emilytaylorcenter.ku.edu/programs/pioneer-woman/emily-taylor.shtml ...


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LBOC Christmas Tree Lot Preparation
LBOC-2012 Pancake Feed & Auction


Subject (Briefing Focus)


  • Objective (Mission Purpose)


  • Present (Dx: Current Situation) 


LBOC Supports Toys for Tots
Peace on Earth & Tolerance


Proposed (Rx: Suggested Solution)


  • Advantages (Top-5 mutually beneficial results)


  • Disadvantages (Top-3 hassles & work-arounds)


2012 Holiday Farmers Market
Holiday Season Special Events


Action (Next Steps ... prioritized)


LBOC Clean Sweep Co-opetition
LBOC iPhone4-iCloud Stream


Confidence-Based Quantum Learning (CBQL)

Past as Prolog (Minnesota Futurists). Benchmark best practices for Mapping Emigrant Trails (MET) 

www.acctts.com/Trust-Factors/GeoVenturing-LNTours_8308am.htm - Cached - Similar pages



InterACCTTS-VIPanel(c) Program Tips, Tricks & Traps
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I hereby grant to KUCE-OLLI, its subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, and assigns the right to record my name and performance at the [ORG-ID] program on tape ...

www.acctts.com/Eco-Futures/KUCE-InterACCTTS-VIPanel_6d12MSW.doc - Similar pages


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